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The Montage Beverly Hills Just in Time for Summer! – VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE

By Donna Wong | Jun 10, 2016

The Montage at Beverly Hills is already known for their beautiful room accommodations and their impeccable hospitality services, but now it’s also your new summer foodie destination. Looking for a new bar to add to your summer calendar? Look no further than the Garden Bar (formerly The Parq). This bar offers sophisticated seating, inside and…

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Donna’s Favorite World Travels – VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE

By Donna Wong | May 13, 2016

It’s a hard question when someone asks me what my favorite resorts and destinations are, the answer is “endless.” It would take many lives to travel this whole world. One thing I know for sure, for every amazing trip experience, you become a better storyteller. But here are a few of my favorites. Source: Donna’s…

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14 Tips For An Unbelievable Beach Getaway – Forbes Travel Guide

By Donna Wong | May 12, 2016

Time on the sand just has a way of filling the soul. Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most of your moments there. #beach #safety Read more here: 14 Tips For An Unbelievable Beach Getaway – Forbes Travel Guide Blog

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Tipping Etiquette – VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE

By Donna Wong | May 3, 2016

When it comes to your vacation, tipping can be confusing- who do I tip, how much should I tip and do I have to tip? Here is the low down on standard tipping, so you can focus on more important things – like enjoying your vacation. Remember tipping not mandatory but it keep in mind…

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Beat Jet Lag like a Rockstar – VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE

By Donna Wong | Apr 15, 2016

Frequent fliers and international travelers are warriors when it comes to fighting jet lag. Your normal mealtimes, social activities, and light exposure regulate your daily rhythm. When you cross time zones, your rhythm gets desynchronized. Your body needs to get on the rhythm of the new time zone to avoid exhaustion. In doing this, here…

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Five Star Traveling – Viva Glam Magazine

By Donna Wong | Apr 1, 2016
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