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What is the value of working with allureplus travel?

We are your 1-stop-shop travel resource. Whether your travel request is individual, group, business or leisure, our knowledge, collaboration, connections and information worldwide are a great asset to you. We save you time in research and making endless calls collecting information. As professionals we help you get creative and find you the perfect destination while providing the absolute best value for your time and money - plus we get you all the amenities.

Why not just use the Internet to book your travel?

We all love Googling and looking for deals online but let's be honest, the Internet can overload you with information. We can help you cut thru the clutter and save you time. Remember, our team has first-hand knowledge of properties, cruises, tours and more. At allureplus we are modern travel professionals, constantly traveling the globe, checking out the various properties and locations so that we can provide real-world experience to you.

How does allureplus get paid?

Hotels pay a commission to allureplus, but the overall price may be the same or less than if you were to book the trip yourself. Plus, we get you the perks and service on top of it all.

Can you define group travel?

If your request is for a bachelor(ette) group, a company sales retreat, a large conference or the like - group travel is when you require 10 rooms or more (in some cases just 8 rooms).

Based on your group needs: the budget, location, meeting spaces, etc. we research and provide you the ideal locations and rates that fit your requirements. We then provide you with the options for review.

On your behalf, we negotiate the best rates, concessions and contractual agreements and save you time and the hassle of researching and making endless calls to gather information.

More information can be found here.

When and how do we book travel?
Simply email info@allureplus.com or call us directly at +1-424-279-4227 - tell us your request and we'll make it happen.
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